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Family Law

Juvenile Litigation with Respect to Institutional Confinement Facilities
There are many juveniles that are confined to public and private institutions. Many of the institutions have deplorable conditions. Juveniles are often held in dingy cells or small, dark rooms and are confined for hours, days, or weeks. Often times juveniles are deprived of exercise, recreational activities and schooling. Sometimes juveniles are even supervised by untrained or inadequate staff as well. More...
Enforcement of Child Support
When a court enters an order of child support, it orders one party to pay a certain sum of money to another for the support of a child. The person who is ordered to pay is called the obligor. The person who received the payment is the obligee. The amount of child support that is payable is usually based on state law that takes into consideration the number of children for which an obligor is responsible and the amount of income the obligor earns from all sources. More...
Pretrial Motions in Divorce Actions
Often times divorce actions require litigation. If the parties decide that litigating the case is the only way to resolve the disputed issues, parties may need to file pretrial motions. A pretrial motion is a motion filed by either party requesting that the court take some action. Some issues need to be determined prior to the final conclusion of the case. More...
Important Documents for an Elder Person to Possess
Although no one likes to think of death or incapacitation, individuals, especially elderly individuals should be prepared. There are several important documents for an elder person to have in their possession. More...
Overview of a Putative Father
A putative father is an alleged father or a father out of wedlock. The putative father typically claims that he is the biological father of the child even though the mother failed to recognize his identity on the child's birth certificate. More...

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