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Personal Injury

Federal Tort Claims Act -- Overview
Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, the federal government cannot be sued without its permission. The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is a federal law that waives the federal government's sovereign immunity under certain circumstances. More...
Dram Shop Laws
Under a "dram shop law," a business that sells alcohol to an intoxicated customer may be liable when the customer injures a third party. Most dram shop cases involve drunk driving. More...
Defamation of a Public Figure
A lawsuit for defamation has the following basic elements: (1) making a false statement; (2) about a person; (3) to others; and (4) actual damages (if the harm to the person is not apparent). There is a fifth element when the person is a public official or public figure. In such a case, the person who made the statement has to have made it with a known or reckless disregard of the truth. This article discusses the fifth element for defamation of a public official or public figure. More...
Classifying Torts
Apart from legislation granting a right to sue for a specific harm, personal injury law generally consists of tort law and the civil procedure for enforcing it. This article discusses how tort law is classified. More...
Rules Regarding Driving on the Right Side of a Road and Passing Another Vehicle
A motor vehicle driver is generally required to drive on the right side of a road. However, the driver does not need to drive on the right side of the road when he or she is passing another vehicle, when he or she is making a left turn, when the right side of the road is closed to traffic, or when the road has one-way traffic. More...

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